Resources and Useful Links

    Using Food as Medicine: Fighting inflammation

    This recipe book, developed by the department of Nutrition, Dietetics and food (Monash University), provides a practical guide on how to use food as medicine to fight inflammation.


    How to increase my grain and legumes consumption

    This will provide you with simple recipes to prepare meals that are tasty, nutritious and ideal for every day busy life.


    Where else can I find nutrition information, tips and recipes to help me eat well?

    DAA can offer recent scientifically based nutrition information to adopt a healthy life style and manage medical conditions that may require dietary intervention.

    Website: DAA recipes can assist you in preparing wholesome meals that are packed with flavour for the whole family.


    Intuitive Eating & Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch-The original intuitive eating pros

    In this book, the originators of this approach will guide you to develop a peaceful and satisfying relationship with food, mind, and body through a series of unique exercises and practices. You can purchase books that focus on intuitive eating online.