Winter Chicken Sweet Corn and Mushroom Soup

    Nutrition (per serve):

    Energy: 1389KJ (332Kcal), Protein: 23.5g,Total fat: 3.3g, Sat Fat: 0.75g, Carbohydrate: 47g, Sugar: 10.2g, Fibre: 8g, Sodium: 47.5g,

    Calcium: 42mg

     Prep: 10min     Cook: 35min            Serve: 4


    Chicken breast (skinless, trimmed)                     1 medium (250g)

    Chicken stock (preferably home-made)              3 cups (750ml)

    Brown onion                                                        2 large (328g)

    Fresh Corn (Kernels removed)                            3 cups (810g)

    Flat mushrooms                                                   ½ cup (42 g)

    Couscous (uncooked)                                           ¼ cup (45g)                 

    Carrot                                                                   1 small

    Garlic cloves (minced)                                        2 cloves

    Extra water/chicken stock & salt                         optional


     Wash and cut the chicken breast into small pieces.

            - Use food processor and crush corn kernels into creamy texture.      

            - Peel and cut onions into small cubes.

            - Put onions, chicken pieces, chicken stock, crushed corn and minced garlic in a large pot. Mix well and cook on stove for 25 min.

            - Cut the carrot and cleaned mushrooms into small pieces, add to the soup mix and cook for a further 5 min.

            - Blend the soup and then add dry couscous. Mix well and cook for an additional 5 min until couscous is soft.

            - Add more stock or water to reach the desired consistency.

            - When ready garnish with extra corn and serve hot.